Make Life Easy for Your Creative Reviewers and Approvers

Receiving consistently prompt and complete feedback requires a proofing process that eliminates extra steps, hassles and downloads for reviewers.

In this day and age, email continues to be the most popular tool to distribute and provide approval on digital proofs. We all know with the enormous amounts of email we receive every day, it’s easy to overlook proofs in your inbox, miss deadline requirements within the email text, or not even receive the email in the first place because of spam filters and large file sizes.

So why do so many companies rely on email to manage their proofing process, despite its inefficiencies? Because they know that all of their reviewers have email and are experienced using it. See how Approval Manager is designed for simplicity, to break you and your users free from email and into a system that is built for ease of use.

No Plugins Required

Have you ever visited an interactive webpage, only to be prompted to download the latest version of Java or Flash? Or even worse, visited that same page on your mobile device that then displays a message that your content can’t be displayed because a plugin is required?

Imagine the frustration your reviewers will feel when they first need to deal with these issues before they can access their proof and complete their review!

Eliminate these bottlenecks by choosing a solution that is built in HTML5. No Flash, Java or any other plugins are needed by any of your reviewers.

Mobile Browser vs Mobile App

Picture an executive who is traveling for business and needs to provide feedback on a critical new digital ad. She has 10 minutes to dedicate to the review and jumps on her iPad to make her annotations and comments, only to find out that she first needs to download an app from the App Store in order to render the proof. This is unacceptable!

While most solutions require a mobile app download, Approval Manager is built to display and contain full functionality within a mobile browser, meaning it’s immediately ready to use on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows Phones, Blackberries, etc.

Streamlining Authentication

Requiring reviewer registration and login adds more steps for your reviewers. With Approval Manager, the link within a proofing notification gives them immediate access to the proof. No need to spend extra time finding an old username or password!

Everyone Wins

Now that you’ve made life easy for your reviewers, you’ll also reap the benefits! Since providing feedback isn’t a hassle anymore, you’ll get the direction you need in a timely manner, which leads to deadlines being met and a happy customer.

Get a first-hand look at our HTML5-based online proofing software by signing up for our 14-day Approval Manager trial today!