Flash Goes the Way of the Dodo

Don’t let your team’s productivity fall victim to outdated technology.

Modern marketing teams know that making the right investment in technology is imperative to getting and staying ahead of the competition. But the path to productivity is fraught with hidden danger. Your team can easily be tripped up by software built on aging or outdated technology. Take Adobe’s Flash plugin, that ubiquitous player that seems to constantly require updating. You might be surprised to know that many of today’s productivity tools are built around that obsolete technology and while your team is relying on it, the tech world is calling for its demise.

Ten years ago, Flash was once the darling of the web world. It made creating dynamic, interactive websites easy and the Flash player could display our quickly-proliferating media-rich content. But before long people began to point out issues with Flash: It was buggy. The player crashed and required frequent security updates. It didn’t work on mobile devices. It posed a lot of security risks. The list of flaws went on and on. Just this month Facebook’s Chief Security Officer called on Adobe to sunset the technology altogether. Even Mozilla recently took the step of blocking all Flash versions from running automatically due to the potential risks.

Security Risks & Loss of Functionality

It turns out that technology decisions by third-party companies can have a sudden and major impact on your team’s productivity. Microsoft recently announced that their new Edge browser will not support Silverlight, Microsoft’s Flash alternative. For Microsoft Dynamics Marketing customers the end of Silverlight means reduced digital asset management tools. Microsoft’s decision not to support Silverlight will restrict users’ ability to upload files, annotate files, and navigate file folders if they upgrade to the new browser. Users will have to come up with a workaround until an alternate technology is released.

Set Your Team Up for Success

If your productivity tools are based on Flash or Silverlight, you might think strongly about looking for a new solution. Before you do, know what questions to ask. Look for companies that build their products using open source code and tools. When vetting a solution, make sure to ask the potential vendor if the software requires third-party plugins like Flash or Silverlight. And be sure to ask your vendor about how they adapt to the rapid changes in technology.

At MetaCommunications, we’ve long been aware of the issues with Flash. Our engineers are passionate advocates for open source technologies and they made the decision five years ago to move our products to an open source HTML5 platform. Today, our flagship products Workgroups DaVinci and Approval Manager give marketing and creative teams a secure set of tools, available anytime from anywhere on any device with a browser. No plugins or third-party updates required.

If you’re saddled with a productivity tool built on outdated technology, we can help. Sign up for an upcoming webinar to learn more about Workgroups DaVinci and Approval Manager.