10 Powerful Creative Lessons From Adobe MAX

Last week, we joined over 7000 attendees from 60 countries at Adobe MAX, the premiere conference for creatives. It was a truly action-packed four days of keynotes, presentations, parties and perspective-shifting conversations. While it would be impossible to capture all of the insight we collected during the conference, we wanted to share a few key learnings that we hope will inspire your creative work.

1. Don’t ignore the big picture

Make time to reflect on how your day-to-day work fits into your larger creative vision:


2. Time is of the essence

You can make more money, but not more hours. Let this reality drive your creative priorities:


3. Stay true to you

Bring yourself into your work and let who you are inform what you do:


4. Don’t underestimate the power of community

Seek out opportunities to connect and collaborate with people who share your creative values:


5. What doesn't kill you makes you more creative

Reframe failure and struggle as valuable opportunities for growth and learning:  

6. Creativity begets creativity

Don’t separate your personal and professional creativity. The two inform and influence each other:  

7. You don't need permission

Be a boss. Don’t wait for an invitation or approval to create:  

8. Original work isn't always appreciated

If you do what hasn’t been done before, expect pushback and embrace it:  

9. Perfection is the enemy of creativity

Don’t wait for ideas to be fully-formed before acting. The minimum viable product (MVP) model applies to creatives too:  

10. Apply your energy

Don’t let the creative inspiration you draw from events like Adobe MAX evaporate. Make a plan for how you’ll use it to fuel your work: Have creative lessons you’d like to share? Tweet us or post them on our Facebook page.