Why Creative And Marketing Team Leaders Choose Workgroups

Manage your team's time and resources for maximum results


You'll love:

The ability to match people and projects and make sure you’re maximizing your team’s resources with our workload and availability indicators

The fact that your team spends less time hunting for files or sitting idle waiting for their next assignment

Having a bird’s eye real-time view of all your projects in flight -- see where bottlenecks are and resolve them before they start costing you time and money

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Move projects to completion faster with on-the-go reviews and approvals

creative project manager - online proofing

You'll love:

The ability to proof on the go – no need to be tied to your desk to give feedback and approvals

Integrated approval and production workflow scheduling – no matter how many stages or revision cycles a deliverable needs, we make it easy with automation

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Your team will never waste valuable time searching for digital assets

digital asset manager

You'll love:

Quicker turnarounds on projects because creatives have all their digital assets at their fingertips

Getting more mileage from assets that are centrally stored and can be reused from project to project

A centralized file repository that means your whole team is always working from the same version

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Your team's time is money. Gain control over and insight into both with Workgroups DaVinci


You'll love:

Avoiding costly bottlenecks by shifting personnel and resources on the fly based on real-time employee productivity and resource allocation reporting

Getting the most out of every dollar with job cost reporting for completed jobs and those in progress and actual vs. estimated cost comparisons

Better vendor relationships when you’re able to automate the RFQ process end-to-end

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