5 Productivity Articles That Help Lead to Success at Work and at Home

From personal habits to organizing work principles, we discover practices that can work across all types of careers.

From personal habits to organizing work principles, we discover practices that can work across all types of careers.

1. The Morning Routines of the Most Successful People

This article, written by Kevan Lee for FastCompany.com, examines productivity hacks anyone can use to get their day going. Lee talks about self-control, starting your day with the biggest task, and starting a “tomorrow list”. The piece has a great quote from Steve Jobs that asks an inspirational question, and a to-do list that Benjamin Franklin wrote that still applies today. Check it out.

2. How to Be Productive (Infographic)

Infographic creator Anna Vital organized 35 critical practices into seven life tracks: tech, clothes, hacks, body, schedule, food and mind. Her color-coded productivity boosters range from "carry an all-occasion outfit with you" to "negotiate a daily deal with your trusted café." See more productivity life tracks.

3. Twelve Tips for an Organized Desk

For those who need some practical advice for creating a productive workspace, some of the suggestions by author Mark Shead in this article posted on Productivity501 can help. Shead tells us to reduce clutter, organize based on use frequency, and hide all those wires. Find the path to an organized desk.

4. How to Use Outlook 2013 with Social Networks

Are you looking to streamline social media interactions? This article on Business Productivity’s blog tells you how to connect the platform to social channels, modify profile views and see updates in a single view. Syncing social media and Outlook can streamline work flow for marketers, salespeople and others and help create more productive social networking practices. Learn more practical tips.

5. Five Ways to Hone Your Problem-Solving Abilities and Become an Expert in Your Field

Fast Company author Debbie Allen looks at steps each of us can take to become a more productive problem solver. She argues that when we are able to more clearly and efficiently share our expertise, we become more valuable to others. Her recommendations provide a pathway from problem discovery to sustaining the solution. Hone your skills.

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